Aubrey Beardsley

Enoch Soames:
The Critical Heritage


The Calumny of Beerbohm
The Anxiety of Influence
New Light on Soames
Enoch’s Castle
In Praise of Christian Diabolism
Iconographia Fungosiana
Strange Growths
A Letter to the Editor
List of Illustrations
Le Diaboliste Catholique
Portrait Study of Enoch Soames
En Attendant
Crème de Menthe and Nicotine
A Man of Letters
Enoch Soames, Esq.
The Bad Homburg

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The Arms of a PoetEnoch Soames - The Critical Heritage
Enoch Soames by Aubrey Beardsley

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Peter Ackroyd, President of the Enoch Soames Society, and author of The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde, has provided an unusually insightful foreword, whose brevity is matched only by its wit; other contributors include Stephen Calloway, who reveals seven hitherto unpublished portraits of Soames by his artistic contemporaries; Matthew Sturgis, whose discovery of a cache of never-before-seen Soames poetry in the Bodleian library has shocked the literary establishment to its core; N. John Hall - author of the definitive catalogue of Max Beerbohm's caricatures - whose address to Soames aficionados at the centenary celebrations held his listeners in thrall; Mark Samuels Lasner - perhaps the greatest individual collector of 1890s books and pictures - whose bibliography of Soames may be considered to be the complete and unassailable anatomy of this author's remains, and is published here in a corrected version; Thomas Wright, whose masterful essay on the influence of Enoch Soames on the life and work of Ernest Dowson clears up many of the problems associated with the development of both of those wayward young genii; and finally, an account of the amazing events at the British Museum on 3 June 1997, by the celebrated magician Teller. The volume also contains the original 1916 text of Max Beerbohm's biographical memoir of Soames, as well as contributions by many other of the leading lights of Soames scholarship. Click here for the table of contents.
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Enoch Soames