Aubrey Beardsley

Enoch Soames:
The Critical Heritage


The Calumny of Beerbohm
The Anxiety of Influence
New Light on Soames
Enoch’s Castle
In Praise of Christian Diabolism
Iconographia Fungosiana
Strange Growths
A Letter to the Editor
List of Illustrations
Le Diaboliste Catholique
Portrait Study of Enoch Soames
En Attendant
Crème de Menthe and Nicotine
A Man of Letters
Enoch Soames, Esq.
The Bad Homburg

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The Arms of a PoetEnoch Soames - The Critical Heritage

Table of Contents

N. John Hall
The Calumny of Beerbohm Andrew Best
The Anxiety of Influence Thomas Wright
New Light on Soames Matthew Sturgis
Enoch’s Castle Kevin Jackson
In Praise of Christian Diabolism Margaret D. Stetz
Iconographia Fungosiana Stephen Calloway
Strange Growths Hinda Rose
A Letter to the Editor Carlos Alberto Cruz C.
List of Illustrations  
“Le Diaboliste Catholique” A. V. Beardsley
“Portrait Study of Enoch Soames” F. H. Evans
“En Attendant” C. H. Shannon
“Crème de Menthe and Nicotine” A. O. Spare
“A Man of Letters” W. Rothenstein
“Enoch Soames, Esq.” W. Rothenstein
“The Bad Homburg” Sir W. Nicholson
Enoch Soames