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Under the Hill

The Art of the Hoarding
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   St Rose of Lima

The Three Musicians
The Ballad of a Barber
Ave Atque Vale
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Prospectus for Volpone

Appendix : Juvenilia
The Valiant
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The Confession Album
The Courts of Love
Dante in Exile
Written in Uncertainty
The Morte Darthur

Enoch Soames

Under the Hill
Under the Hill


Chapter I
How the Chevalier Tannhäuser entered into the Hill of Venus

Chapter II
Of the manner in which Venus was coiffed and prepared for supper

Chapter III
How Venus supped and thereafter was mightily amused by the curious pranks of her entourage

Chapter IV
How the court of Venus behaved strangely at her supper

Chapter V
Of the ballet danced by the servants of Venus

Chapter VI
Of the amorous encounter which took place between Venus and Tannhäuser

Chapter VII
How Tannhäuser awakened and took his morning ablutions in the Venusberg

Chapter VIII
Of the ecstasy of Adolphe, and the remarkable manifestation thereof

Chapter IX
How Venus and Tannhäuser breakfasted and then drove through the palace gardens

Chapter X
Of the Stabat Mater, Spiridion and de la Pine

A Note on the text