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Under the Hill

The Art of the Hoarding
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   St Rose of Lima

The Three Musicians
The Ballad of a Barber
Ave Atque Vale
The Celestial Lover
The Ivory Piece
Prospectus for Volpone

Appendix : Juvenilia
The Valiant
A Ride in an Omnibus
The Confession Album
The Courts of Love
Dante in Exile
Written in Uncertainty
The Morte Darthur

Enoch Soames

Under the Hill


Occasioned by the magnitude of the task of illustrating the Morte Darthur

There was a young man with a salary,
Who had to do drawings for Malory;
         When they asked him for more,
         He replied: “Why? Sure
You’ve enough as it is for a gallery.”

¶ 1893. Said to have been extemporised one morning, while Beardsley was still in bed, when J. M. Dent called to chivvy his young protégé for a batch of urgently-required designs for the book.